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А new President of FEANI elected 

 At its General Assembly in Gdansk of 10 October 2014, FEANI, the European Federation of National Engineering Associations, unanimously elected Prof. dr José  Manuel Vieira as new President.

Prof Vieira is a Full Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Minho and Head of Hidraulics Division. He is also Vice President of the Portuguese Association of Engineers -Ordem dos Enegenheiros.

In his application speech, Prof. Vieira emphasized his support of the FEANI Strategic Plan 2013-2017. He highlihted the FEANI mission of promotion the mobility, the education and professional development of engineers in order to enhance the visibility of the value of engineers to society.

Press Communication  

EngineerING CARD

The European Union is dedicated to removing existing obstacles when changing jobs between Member States and promoting professional mobility. To achieve this, the process for recognising professional qualifications must be significantly sped up and simplified for engineers in particular.

FEANI developed a professional card for engineers in the form of the engineerING card.

The EngineerING card, a professional card for engineers, can make a decisive contribution to this process. It documents educational and professional qualifications according to internationally recognised standards. As a result, it also improves transparency on the European job market for engineers, thereby making it easier for companies to select suitable qualified employees from abroad.

More about EngineerING CARD

Revision of the “Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36

On 22 October 2010, the European Commission published its first report on the transposition and implementation of the Professional Qualifications Directive as well as more than 170 experience reports from Member States authorities.

The Commission is currently carrying out an evaluation of the Professional Qualifications Directive, which dates back from 2005 and consolidates 15 previous Directives. The Directive is a key for professionals who seek new job opportunities in, or intend extending their service activities to, another Member State.

On 24th February EU Public Hearing on the Revision of the “Professional Qualifications Directive 2005/36”. President of FEANI Mr Bytoft and Secretary General Mr Bochar as well as eleven FEANI-related individuals participated at the event representing BE, GR, DK, IT, DE and ES .

Copy of the speech which our FEANI President, Mr Lars BYTOFT addressed at EU Public Hearing

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