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Union of Engineers and Textile Technicians of Serbia

The Society of Chemists and Technologists of Serbia, including the textile section, was formed in 1949. The increase in the number of members, as well as the specific tasks of textile technicians and engineers, slowly shifted the textile technicians from the Society of Chemists, and on 30th July, 1953, the founding assembly of the Society of Engineers and Textile Technicians of Serbia was held in Belgrade. The first management was elected and tasks were assigned to the entire membership, which at that moment counted 580 active members.

And so it began.

Until 1953 there were a number of scientific meetings, consultations, congresses of engineers and textile technicians, cooperation with other societies and associations, publication of the Bulletin. From that time till nowadays, the scientific magazine the Textile Industry has been in circulation, and this year we are celebrating its little jubilee - 65 years of continuous publication.

The regular assemblies of the Union of Textile Engineers and Textile Technicians of Serbia (UTETTS) were held, new junior members were elected to the boards of directors, and the presidents were from the textile industry and very dedicated. Everything was developing. Expert meetings, exchange of experience and expert consultations greatly contributed to the professional improvement of members, which undoubtedly influenced the growth of textile factories.

In addition, the Union also presented the latest technical and technological achievements to the members, due to which they organized expert visits to the world's ITMA textile exhibitions every four years and exhibitions, which were held regularly in Moscow.

Expert consultations were held every year and they gathered a large number of members of the Union. Such an intense work undoubtedly brought benefits. The number of members of the Union increased (over 2000), as well as the number of readers of the Textile Industry (the circulation was over 1500 copies).

The Union of Textile Engineers and Textile Technicians of Serbia (UTETTS) has had visible results in the past period, which is supported by the large number charters and plaques it received, such as:

- The largest textile award – Golden Pušman's Atlas,

- Charter of the best publication in Yugoslavia in 1983 and

- Great recognition to the Union - Order of work with a golden wreath.

The Textile Industry had been coming out continuously from the very first day. It has been exchanged with foreign textile magazines, can be found in libraries worldwide, and received a large number of awards.

It should be emphasized that the Textile Industry is the winner of the "Best IT Publication of Serbia" award in 2001 and 2018, awarded by the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia (UETS).

The editor-in-chief and editorial staff are focused on monitoring modern trends in textile technology, and today they are increasingly turning to the modern clothing industry and the resources that accompany them, through design, technology, ecology and management. Editors are trying to improve the quality and the category of the magazine by improving the content, increasing the volume and the number of papers.


 Magazine Textile Industry, published by the Union of Textile Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, is scientific and professional magazine of textile industry. During 65 years of publishing of this magazine, all efforts of Editorial staff were focused on representing to its readers, the latest achievements in textile industry, development of new technologies and modern processes in clothing manufacture.

Editor in chief: prof. dr Snezama Urosevic

Publisher: Union of Engineers and Textile Technicians of Serbia

tel: +381 60 715 0305

e-mail:  casopistekstilnaindustrija@gmail.com





IV International conference "Contemporary Trends and Innovations in the Textile Industry"   

Organized by the Association of Textile Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, on 16-17. September 2021 in Belgrade, the IV International Conference "Contemporary Trends and Innovations in the Textile Industry" will be held.

The conference is co-organized by the:  Association of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Serbia, Faculty of Technology and Technology Stip, University "Goce Delcev", North Macedonia, Robotics Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Balkan Association of Textile Engineers - BASTE, Athens, Greece.

The conference is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

The aim of this conference is to discuss current technical-technological, economic, environmental, research and development, legal and other issues related to the textile industry, then the application of modern achievements and the introduction of technical-technological innovations in the production of fibers, textiles, clothing and technical textiles. solutions of scientific research work with the aim of improving business and increasing the competitive advantage of textile companies in the domestic and global market.

The Conference program includes papers dedicated to the scientific and practical aspects of the following topics:

  Important dates:

The registration fee for the Conferences is paid per paper, regardless of the number of authors and amounts  to 50 EUR.

The registration fee includes the publication of the paper in the Proceedings, certificate of participation, attendance at the conference, welcome cocktail, coffee and refreshments during breaks, lunch and other accompanying materials and participation in all activities of the conference.

All papers are subject to review. Accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings. The official languages ​​are English and Serbian.

All information related to the Conference can be obtained from the Association of Textile Engineers and Technicians of Serbia at casopistekstilnaindustrija@gmail.com or saveztekstilacasrbije@gmail.com  


Conference program

 Poster section

Željko Tiosavljević, Zoran Ilić, Turistička
povezanost ovog Pazara i Leskovca gradova
sa razvijenom tekstilnom industrijom



Violeta Stefanović, Snežana Urošević
Ivana Maldenović - Ranisavljević,
Dragan Igić,
Safety Sistems and Safety
Procedures as Influential Factor of the
Occupational Safety Climate in Organizations
with a Predominantly Female Labor Force


Kosana Vićentijević, Ivan Pantelić,
Nikola Stojanović,
Challenges of the
Circular Economy in the Textile Industry


Gordana Čolović, Mina Paunović, Danijela
Ergonomics and 6S System in the
Garment Manufacturing


Gordana Čolović, Miroljub Nikolić, Mina
The Importance of Consulting
for the Implementation of Lean Procedure


Jovana Stepanović, Dušan Trajković,
Tatjana Šarac, Nenad Ćirković, Jovan
Influenceof Temperature and
Texture Speed in the Creep Limit of Multifilament
 Polyester Yarn


Danijela Paunović , Olga Stojanović, Nikola
Maksimović, Zlatin Zlatev,
Correlation of
Consumers and Innovation in Smart Clothes


Marina Jovanović, Specifičnosti marketing
logistike modnoj industriji u uslovima KOVID 19


Mina Paunovič, Nikola Maksimović, Danica
Optimizacija redizajna odevnih
predmeta nastalih inspiracijom tekstilnih
struktura u umetničkom delu


Dragan Đorđić, Jovan Stepanović, Vasilije
Analysis of Influence of High
Temperature Washing on Mechanical
Characteristics of Sewing Thread


Branislava Lazić, Applications of Graphene
in Textiles


Branislava Lazić, Applications of Supercritical
Carbon Dioxide in Textile Dyeing and


Branka Ružičić, Dragana Grujić, Mladen
Stančić, Blanka Škipina, Aleksandar
Savić, Ljiljana Topalić-Trivunović,
KnitwearModified with Titanium Oxide and
Pinus Sylvestris L. Extract-Dielectric
and Thermal Properties


Danica Stojanović, Unutrašnja melodija


Njegoš Dragović, Snežana Urošević, Milovan
Impact of Renewable Energy Resources
on Textile Industry


Andrea Dobrosavljević, Snežana Urošević,
Analysis of the Impact of the Specificities of
Textile and Clothing Industry on Processes
in Relation with Suppliers and Consumers


Sanja Risteski, Vineta Srebrenkoska, Impact
of the Type of Cuting Layout on the Consumption
of Textile Material


Kristina Savić, Ineta Nemaša , Application
of Light Emitting Diodes in Smart Textile


Marina Jovanović, Specifičnosti marketing
logistike u modnoj industriji u uslovima Kovid 19


Liudmyla Melnyk, Olena Kazymchuk, Daria
Olena Kogut, Elastic Warp Knitted
Fabric for Rehabilitation Goods


Viktorija Vlasenko, Olena Kolosnichenko,
Valentyna Kucherenko, Svitlana Arabuli,

Draining Dressings for Surgical Patients


Sashka Longurova, Silvana Zezova, Sonja
Jordeva, Stefan Maksimov, Darko Andronikov,
Kiro Mojsov,
Effect of Pandemic on the Clothing
Industry in he Easthern Region of R.N Macedonia


Zoran Stjepanović, Andrej Cupar, Andreja
, Programska orodja za tektilne
kreativce -OptimTex


Miroslav Dragić , Lanci snabdijevanja tekstilnih
preduzeća: upravljanje potražnjom


Sara Srebrenkoska, Svetlna Risteska ,
Mechanical and Morfological Analyces of
Laminated Plates


Bojana Stanišić, Zoran Ristić , Savremeni
trendovi upravljanja u tekstilnoj industriji


Maja Jankoska, Development Different
Pattern Making of Jeans Pants with
Apparel CAD Program


Gojko Vladić, Nemanja Kašiković, Ivan Pinćjer,
Žarko Pavlović, Gordana Delić,
laserskih tehnologija u izradi i oslikavanju
tekstilnih proizvoda


Nemanja Kašiković, Gojko Vladić, Saša Petrović
Dragoljub Novaković, Uroš Olah,
tekstilnih otisaka na trljanje dobijenih postupcima
INK jeta i sublimacije


Dragana Frfulanović, Milena Savić, Movie
Costumes Inspired by Historical Portraits

III International conference "Contemporary Trends and Innovations in the Textile Industry" CT&ITI 2020

The 3 rd International conference "Contemporary Trends and Innovations in the Textile Industry" CT&ITI 2020, is co-organized by the Union of Engineers and Textile Technicians of Serbia, the Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade, the University of Faculty of Technology, Shtip, North of Macedonia, Society for Robotics of Bosnia i Herzegovina and Balkan Society Of Textile Engineering-BASTE of Greece.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia recognized the importance of this Conference, and thus, supported it.

The aim of this Conference is to consider current technical, technological, economic, ecological, R&D, legal and other issues related to the textile industry, then the application of contemporary achievements and the introduction of technical and technological innovations in the production process of fiber, textile, clothing and technical textile by applying scientific solutions in order to improve the business and increase the competitive advantages of the textile industry on the domestic and global market.

Leading scientists and experts from the Balkans and other countries, working at faculties, textile colleges and institutes, but also individuals who professionally deal with the issues at hand are taking part in this Conference.

The Conference program involves papers dedicated to the scientific and practical aspects of the following topics: Textile and Textile Technology, Textile Design, Management and Marketing in the Textile Industry and Ecology and Sustainable Development in the Textile Industry. The Conference program includes 47 papers, and a total of 103 participants from 12 countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Finland, Latvia, North of Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and Ukraine.

Therefore, this Conference is an opportunity for establishing scientific, educational and economic cooperation of our country with other countries. Certain number of papers by domestic authors present the project results dealing with fundamental research and technological development, financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia.

Conference Program 

Poster Session 

Violeta Stefanović, Snežana Urošević,
Ivana Mladenović-Ranisavljević,
of the Working Environment and Implementation
of the Standard as Impact Indicators on the
Safety of Employees in Textile Organizations


Ernad Kahrović, Enes Ćorović, Motivacija
zaposlenih u tekstilnoj industriji: Studija slučaja
novopazarskih preduzeća


Anita Sadiković, Čedomir Dimić, Ivana
Petrović, Nenad Ćirković, Tatjana Šarac,
Influence of Non-Woven Textile Surface Mass
on Air Permeability


Vojislav Gligorijević, Jovan Stepanović,
Nenad Ćirković, Radica Nicić,
Models and Porosity of Transversely, Knitted
Smooth Knitting and Creation of 3D Models
with more Fibers


Gordana Čolović, Nikola Maksimović,
Danijela Paunović,
Ergonomics Workplace
Design of Sewing Operator


Svetlana Janjić, Tatjana Botić, Effest of Wool
Washing Method to Sorption of Waste Motor Oils
from Water 


Isak Karabegović, Innovative Sensors and
their Role in Product Automation Textile
Industry Processes


Bruno Završnik, New Ways of Changing
Clothes-Virtual Dressing Room


Branislava Lazić, Ecological Waste
Management-Textile Wastes Recycling

Branislava Lazić, Smart Textiles-Applications
of Shape Memory Materials in Textiles


Sabina Gherghel, The Development and
Integration of the Intelligent Systems in
Textile Enterprises

Andrea Dobrosavljević, Snežana Urošević,
Gordana Kokeza, Nada Štrbac,
Process Roles
and Responsibilities of Employees in Micro
Enterprises of Clothing Industry


Olga Stojanović, Recognizing Talented
Employees in Garment Industry



Dragan Igić, Milovan Vuković, The Influence
of Ethical Behavior of Leaders at a Job on the
Organizational Commitment of Emlpoyees in
Production Companies


Kosana Vićentijević, Ivan Pantelić, Nikola
Implementation Corporate Social
Responsability in the Textile Industry - The Case


Ana Aksentijević - Jelić, Uticaj kreativnih
podsticaja edukatora u visokom obrazovanju
na efektivnost procesa dizajna u praksi


Sonja Jordeva, Elena Tomovska, Silvana
Zhehzova, Sashka Golomeova Longurova
Vangja Dimitrijeva-Kuzmanoska,
Waste Management Practices


Mina Paunović, Nataša Đalić, The Impact of
Human Capital on Organizational and Business
Performance in the Textile Industries


Maja Jankoska, Different Pattern Design of
Sleeves for Woman`s Clothing


   Maja Jankoska, Design and Modeling of
   Lady`s Dress


Sanja Risteski, Vineta Srebrenkoska,
Optimizing the Time of Work Execution in
the Process of Sewing Woman Shirt


Dragan Dimitrijević, Snežana Urošević,
Živoslav Adamović, Maja Nikolić, Nevena
Sustainable Development of the
SME clothing Industry through the Aspect of
Material and Environmental Factor Correlation


Sada Srebrenkoska, Vladimir Dukovski,
Svetlana Risteska,
The Designing of Laser
Assisted Automated Tape Laying Process
for Obtaining of the Thermoplastic Composite


Damjana Celcar, Steps Towards a more
Sustainable Fashion


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