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I Basic Provisions

Article 1

The Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia - Savez inženjera i tehnicara Srbije (hereinafter: UETS), is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit, professional - scientific, organization of engineers and technicians, and their organizations in the Republic of Serbia, founded on the basis of free associating and open for cooperation with other professional - scientific, commercial and other organizations, on the basis of mutual recognition, mutual respect and independence in work, organized for the purpose of realization of the aims and tasks of mutual and general purpose and interest, which are not forbidden by Constitution and Law.

Article 2

The full title of the organization is: Savez inženjera i tehnicara Srbije = Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, and the abbreviated title is: UETS.

The UETS has its mark and flag. The mark consists of stylized initials “IT”, the color of letters is blue, and color of flag is white with mark and abbreviation UETS written in blue color.

The UETS's headquarters is in Belgrade, at the address: Kneza Miloša 7/I.


Article 3

The UETS has capacity of a legal person and rights and obligations in accordance with the Constitution, Law and this Statute.

The UETS has a round seal and a rectangular mark. The title of the seal's circle is: Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia, the text within the circle is: Belgrade and IT. The text is written in Cyrillic script, except mark.

Article 4

The UETS is liable with its property for obligations, which have originated from its activity.

Article 5

The UETS and its members may join other similar domestic and international organizations, or permanently or temporarily associate with appropriate scientific, expert and other organizations, which are realizing certain purposes of the engineering-technicians' organization of Serbia.

The UETS is a collective member of the Commercial Chamber of Serbia.

The UETS is a member of COPISEE  the Permanent Conference of the Engineers of the Countries of South-East Europe. 

The UETS is a member of FEANI European Federation of National Engineering Associations.

Article 6

The UETS is represented by the President and Vice –president of the Union.

The UETS shall be represented in legal transactions, by the Secretary General who shall have the rights and obligations of a donor of financial instructions and shall represent the Association within his scope of competence.

SITS • Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia • Kneza Milosa 7, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia • Phone: +381 11 32 30 067