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The Membership with UETS is:


The individual members of UETS may be:


The regular members are: graduate engineers and engineers.

The extraordinary members of engineering organization may be:

Honorary Member:The election for honorary member is an acknowledgment to individuals, engineers and other persons out of technical field of specialization, which have distinguished themselves in the profession, in the economic and scientific development of Republic of Serbia and the engineering organization.

Meritorious Member: A regular or extraordinary member of the engineers’ organization may be elected for a meritorious member due to his long-term active engagement, work and contribution in realization of aims and tasks of the engineers` organization of Serbia.

COLLECTIVE MEMBERS: The collective members of UETS are:

Union of Engineers and Technicians of Serbia has 42 collective members.

INTEREST MEMBERS: The collective members of the engineers’ organization of Serbia may be the legal persons, who express their wish and need to realize the aims and tasks of mutual interest with the engineers’ organization.


The regular and extraordinary members are joining UETS or UETS members. The membership can be registered directly in the UETS, in case there is no association for the particular profession, or on a basis of personal wish. The UETS is not collecting the application fee and the basic subscription.The status of regular or extraordinary member of engineering-technicians’ organization of Serbia is acquired by signing the membership form in one of the members or in UETS.

The regular member is accepting the provisions of the Statute and the Ethical Codex of Union of Engineers and Technicians by signing the membership form.

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