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 10th International Conference ICQME 2016

In a cooperation with the Engineering Association of Montenegro we invite you to participate at 10th International Conference ICQME 2016 which will be held on September 21st-23rd 2016 in Tivat Montenegro.

Conference is organized by University of Montenegro Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Center for Quality Podgorica, Center for Quality Kragujevac and Association for Quality and Standardization Serbia.

The Conference intends to shed further light on the complex and potentialy conflictiong choices that firms take, in order to acquire, exchange and create  knowledge in order to improve ots performance. This theme relates to quite a wide variety od aspects relating to the increasing complexity (e.g. economic, management, engineering, sociology) of systems for knowledge creation and innovation. This complexity implies a more intensive and more frequent need to embrace as well as to connect both internal and external source of knowlegde in the search for new technological achievements.

Conference Themes

Scientific focus 1

Global Quality with themes: Building of Quality Culture, Quality and Social Responsibility, Leadership, From Knowledge to Quality. Competition and Globalization, Business Excellence, E-Quality, Quality and Life, TQM and Business Excellence, Risk Management, Sustainability and Resilience, Quality Outsourcing, Environmental Management and Waste Management.

Scientific focus 2

Quality basic with themes:  Quality Tools and Methods, Quality Improvement in Industrial Environment, Process Management, Process Modelling, Economics of Quality, Performance Measurement and Management, ICT Challenges and Future Society, Hoshin Kanry and Six Sigma and CMMI.

Scientifc focus 3

Quality Engineering and Management with themes: Change of ISO 9001:2015, LEAN in manufacturing and service, WCM - world class manufacturing, Quality and Supply Chains, Quality in Automotive Industry, Quality in Services, Quality in Education and Training, Competitiveness through CE Marking, Quality Information Systems, Integrated Management Systems, Quality Technology, innovation and Quality, Quality and Safety in Food Production and Distribution, Conformity Assessment, Quality of Produstion and Products, Quality in Finances. 

For further information please contact: Center for Quality +382/20/242-907, zdravkok@ac.me 


Intenational Conference Maintenance  and Production Engineering "KODIP -2011"

Enginnering Association of Montenegro, Mainteiners Association of Work of Montenegro and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - Cooperative Training Center organize from 26-29 June 2011. International Conference Maintenance and Production Enginnering "KODIP - 2011".

Conference topics



SEFI (European Society for Engineering Education) Annual Conference 2011 will be held in Lisbon on 27-30 September, in the context of the First International Engineering Education Flash Week.

Topics of Interest

Official site

CLAIU EU Conference "The Formation of the Engineer - International models"  

The CLAIU EU Conference on 11/12 February 2011 in Roma will focus on the different approaches to the formation of the professional engineer. This will include the continental European model which considers that the process is completed through a five year Master degree programme in engineering. This model will be compared to the process which prevails in jurisdictions of the Washington Accord signatories, that is, a formal education process normally through a four year Bachelor degree followed by a period of approximately four years working in industry developing professional competences.

The conference will also deal with approaches to the education and formation of engineering technicians and technologists and how these professionals contribute to industry and the profession.

The topics to be covered will include:

The CLAIU EU Conference is organised in collaboration withe the Universita Sapienza Roma, Faculty of Engineering and the Consiglio Nazionale degli Ingegneri.


Conference "Cliamte Change and Water: a common challenge"

EUREAU is organizing under the Belgian Presidency of the EU, and with the help of BELGAQUA (EUREAU Member) a Euro­pean Conference dedicated to Climate Change and Water.

The impacts of climate change will be felt first and foremost through the medium of water: it is clear that we can expect to see flooding and droughts becoming more frequent and more severe. Recent events across Europe have highlighted the threat to critical infrastruc­ture and key services such as water and wastewater. We strongly believe that to deal with climate change adaptation is to deal with water and our members have invested heavily to maintain and develop the water and wastewater infrastructure to ensure the availability of safe water supplies and wastewater services.


13th International Conference APM-ATS 2011  

Following the last international meetings in Orlando (2005), Vienna (2007) and Atlanta (2009), the 13th International Conference will be held in Paris from May 22nd to May 26th, 2011. 

As usual, the Paris Conference will be the biannual international meeting for all people involved in the actual and future development of fully automated People Movers and Urban Transit Systems. Researchers, manufacturers, consultants, operators, urban planners and project developers will all gather to share their experiences.


World Engineers` Convention 2011 in Geneva  

September 2011 will see Geneva become the key international venue for engineers. The World Engineers` Convention 2011 - WEC 2011 seeks to encourage innovative engineering aimed at solving the problem of globally sustainable use of energy.

How can we provide sufficient energy for everyone around the globe? How can we meet the energy needs of the world`s population fairly? How can we prevent conflicts over energy? These are just a few of the burning issues to be addressed by WEC 2011.

Engineers from all over the world will get together in Geneva from 4-8th September 2011. The title of the Convention Engineers Power of the World - Facing the Global Energy Challenge, reflects its focus on energy as one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.


6th CCC Central European Congress on Concrete Engineering

6th "CCC" Central European Congress on Concrete Engineering, will be held in beautiful West Bohemian spa town Marianske Lazne, Czech Republic on 30 September - 1 October 2010.

The main purpose of the 6th CCC Congress MARIANSKE LAZNE 2010 is to give its participants an idea of the new construction projects in infrastructure networks and current development in relevant concrete structures in the Central European region in respect of existing challenging economic times. Exchange of experience and practice in design and technology of concrete structures will belong among the principle objectives of the Congress. The main attention of the Congress speakers and participants will be paid to inspiring advanced new bridges, tunnels, power and water related structures. Challenging speeches to reasonable well balancing of concrete construction and environmental aspects are also expected. Valuable experiences and stimuli from outside the CCC countries and the Central European region are gladly welcome.

Preliminary Invitation with Call for Papers

Congress Website

Mid Term Conference  

EUR-ACE SPREAD (European Engineering Accreditation) project will held its Mid Term conference in Istanbul on 1 March 2010.

The EUR-ACE Framework Standards, maintained by the European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE), provide the basis for the award of a common quality label (EUR-ACE® label) to accredited engineering programmes. Accrediting Agencies with accreditation criteria and procedures which comply with the EUR-ACE Standards (that include strict Quality Assurance rules) are authorized by ENAEE to award the EUR-ACE label to First and/or Second Cycle engineering programmes.

The EUR-ACE SPREAD project (2008-2010) is aimed at spreading the EUR-ACE system into other EHEA countries: its first success has been the addition of Turkey into the system in January 2009. The project’s further efforts will be directed in particular towards Italy, Lithuania, Romania, and Switzerland, but not excluding other countries, and follow either of two basic alternatives:

1.  In countries where a national Accrediting Agency which accredits engineering programmes already exists,  the project will assist this Accreditation Agency in meeting the requirements set down by the EUR-ACE Standards, so that ENAEE can authorize it to award the EUR-ACE® label.

2.  In countries where such an Agency does not exist, the project will facilitate the establishment of an Accreditation Agency who can eventually be included in the EUR-ACE System; in the meantime, EUR-ACE® labels can be awarded by an Agency already in the system.

The project will also assist the promotion of the EUR-ACE Label among Higher Education Institutions throughout the EHEA countries.

In this Conference, open to all interested persons, the results so far obtained by the project and the envisaged future developments of the EUR-ACE system will be presented to a wide audience, including Academics, Higher Education Institution officials, public Authorities, industrialists etc.


World Congress and Exibition
"Engineering 2010 - Argentina: Technology, Innovation and Production for Sustainable Development"  

The Argentine Union of Engineering Associations and the Argentine Center of Engineers in conjunction with the World Federation of Engineering Organizations WFEO, and with the support of the Argentine National Government, UNESCO, UPADI and ISTIC are organizinig the World Congress nad Exibition "Engineering 2010-Argentina: Technology, Innovation and Production for Sustainable Development" in Buenos Aires from 17-20 October.

This Congress will be an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties among engineers and productive forces and their countries, around the world. The world Congress expects to welcome more than 5000 representatives fo engineering associations, consultancy groups, the business productive and industrial sectors, research institutions, academies and governmental autjorities to debate about engineering and its contribution to society.

Call for papers

International scientific technical Congress "Power  Engineering in Global World"

International scientific-technical congress «Power Engineering in Global World» will take place in Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation during the period from 10 till 20 June 2010. It is organized by International and Russian Unions of Scientific and Engineering Associations together with Siberian Federal University and with the help of the Government of Russian Federation and Administration of Krasnoyarsk Territory. World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI) will also take part.

The Congress includes the round tables and sections.

The head of the Congress Organizing committee is supposed to be the chairman of Presidium RAS Siberian branch academician of RAS Mr. A.L.Aseev and the Governor of Krasnoyarsk Territory Mr. A.G.Khloponin. The following people are also represented in the Congress organizing committee: Rector of Siberian Federal University academician of RAS Mr. E.A.Vaganov, Director of the Association of Engineers of Germany (VDI) Mr. Willi Fuchs, Vicepresident of   Chinese Academy of Engineering Mr. Du Sanwan,  the first Vice–president of International Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations Mr. V.M.Sitsev. The Program  committee will be formed by the instrumentality of  academician of RAS Mr. Alferov who is Laureate of Nobel Prize  and Prize of «Global Energy». The Program  committee entered prizewinner of «Global Energy»  Professor Klaus Riedle (co-chairman), Chairman of scientific council of nuclear power en-gineering of RAS academician of RAS Mr. Ponomarev-Stepnoy, Director of  Joint Institute for Nuclear Research  in Dubna academician of RAS Mr. Si-sakyan, President of International and Russian Unions of Scientific and Engineering Associations  academician of RAS Mr. Y.V.Gulyaev, President of Chinese Academy of Engineering  academician Xu Kuangdi and the other outstanding scientists and specialists.

The general number of participants at Congress is going to be 1500 people. Applications for participation at Congress from institutions, organizations and enterprises and individuals (with a guarantee acknowledgement of payment by participants) are supposed to be sent to the address of International Union USEA, according to the requisites indicated in the circular till the 1st of March, 2010.

At the same time registration forms of participants at Congress (with indication of the requisites for transferring deposits) will be placed at the site of International Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations   for all accredited applications, which are to be sent after filling up and paying are to be sent by email or fax to the International Union  of Scientific and Engineering Associations   together with the copies of payment documents till the 1st of April, 2010.

A preliminary agenda of international scientific –technical congress «Power engineering in a global world» ( Krasnoyarsk , June 2010)  

1. An international theoretical and practical conference - Power efficient and ecologically safe technologies of the 21st century.

2. A theoretical and practical conference - Modern problems of energy consumption

3. An international conference-Energy resources of our planet (search and development of energy supplies, international cooperation in solving problems of energy provision)

4.  A scientific-technical conference-Problems of   production, preparation and  transportation of  energy recourses for long distance.

5.  A scientific-technical conference - Power efficiency of life support systems of megalopolic.

6. Round table: Power engineering and problems of security, sustainable development: system approach.

7.  Round table: The crisis phenomena in the world and problems of power engineering (economic and social aspects).

8. The 4th interindustry scientific-technical conference - Security and persistence of technical systems in power engineering.

9.  Workshop: Hydrodynamics of high speeds and computational modeling.

For the Congress organizational issues and other additional information you may address the  executive board of International Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations  (17 Kursovoi per., Moscow), Telephone number (495) 695-16-07 (secretary), 695-16-09 (directorate for organizational issues), 695-16-31 (directorate for scientific work and education), 695-16-18 (directorate for international cooperation), 695-16-23 (accountant department).   

II International Conference on Ethics and Human Values in Engineering  

World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO), the largest worldwide organisation representing engineers and engineering organisations, and the Chair “ENDESA Red” of Human Values in Engineering Victoriano Muñoz Oms of the Technical University of Catalonia, Spain will hold the II International Conference on Ethics and Human Values in Engineering in Barcelona, Spain, from March 2nd to the 4th of 2010.

The goals of the Conference are to promote reflection on ethics in technology, stimulate sensibility towards social sustainability in engineering, support the observation of human aspects in technology, encourage practices that help to eradicate corruption in society, hearten a better knowledge of the relationships between  the NIMBY phenomena and engineering, inspire an enhanced comparison concerning about the effects of the short term versus long term criteria on the engineering, inspire an improved social understanding of the engineering and contribute to an integral preparation – including human values and appropriate attitudes - for engineering professionals in order that they may play an active role to benefit society in the twenty-first century.


Balkans Regional Young Water Professionals Conference  

Balkans regional Young Water professionals Conference, organized by the Institute for the Development of Water Resources "Jaroslav Černi" and Belgrade Water Supply and Sanitation Public Company, under the umbrella of the IWA -International Water Assotiation, will be held on April 29-30th 2010 in Belgrade.

The efficient development of water sector is impossible without young water professionals.

The aim of the Conference is to create a wide and efficient international network of young water professionals, particulary from the Balkan region, because the efficient development of water sector is impossible without young water professionals.

Conference topics:


Alternative Energy Applications - Option or Necessity?  

Kuwait Society of Engineers, on the ocassion of the WFEO General Assembly meetings in Kuwait, from the 1st to 6th November 2009, is organizing the International Engineering Congress EC.

The EC 2009 will adress Alternative Energy Applications, a subject that touches the life of every human being on Earth.

This WFEO Congress offers an excellent event to the worldwide tachnical community to start an increased global communication about future energy technologies.


More Engineers for Europe - Challenges, Action Areas, Strategies

The Convention of National Societies of Electrical Engineers of Europe (EUREL), the European Federation of National Engineering Associations (FEANI), the Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies (VDE) and the Association of German Engineers (VDI) organize :

Evening of European Engineers  featuring the theme:

More Engineers for Europe – Challenges, Action Areas, Strategies

on October 14, 2009 at  6:30 p.m.,  BMW Brussels

Europe’s innovative strength, technical position and prosperity depend to a great extent on its engineers. Yet many innovative companies are already lacking new generations of technical talents. And the shortage of engineers is likely to grow as a result of demographic trends in Europe. This development could lead to the shifting of R&D activities in high-tech companies to outside Europe and the loss of leading technology positions, and have serious consequences for the economy and labor market.

On the other hand, intelligent and proactive European education and technology policies would make it possible to interest growing numbers of young people in engineering studies and help “make the EU the most competitive economic region in the world” in the spirit of the Lisbon Strategy.

Discussions at the “Evening of European Engineers” will center on ideas, strategies and solutions supporting such policies.


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